CareerStorm Navigator™

Design a Map and a Compass for Navigating Your Career

CareerStorm Navigator is a comprehensive career and life design system that brings into focus personally meaningful criteria for making career decisions. It allows you to design a map and a compass for navigating your career and life:

Map:             Chart a course for your career
Position:        Evaluate past career (and life) positions and what you liked and disliked
                         about them.
Destination:   Set goals for your career and seven other aspects of your life.
Compass:      Clarify your resources
Interests:       Recall subjects of interest you most enjoy.
Skills:             Identify your social, practical, information and creative abilities.
Style:             Increase awareness of your personal style.
Values:         Examine your values and purpose.
Navigating:    Move forward with confidence
Compare:       Use Map and Compass results to weigh potential career options.

 Invest 4 hours. Enhance the rest of your life.

The CareerStorm Navigator process is based on the fundamental principle that there are no authoritative individuals or instruments that can make a career decision on your behalf. Your unique resources can successfully be applied in many different careers. This career tool challenges you with tough questions about which of your resources are most important to you right now.

Benefits of the process of self-reflection

CareerStorm Navigator is a 21st century solution that prepares you to actively navigate your career in a global market place.

•              Gain new insights about yourself and your situation

•              Clarify what unique solutions you can and want to provide

•              Gain confidence to share your personal mission with others

•              Learn practical skills for life-long career development

How to access

You can gain access to CareerStorm Navigator through your career development professional authorized to administer it: Designed exclusively for the internet, the career tools can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

About CareerStorm Navigator

•              Administered by career professionals in 23 countries.

•              Earlier version licensed to in 15 countries in 9 languages 2000-2003.

•              Has been used by over 200 000 users from over 80 countries.

•              Recommended by the world’s best-selling career book "What Color is Your Parachute?" 

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Costs: 25 €

Stop drifting. Begin to navigate.

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